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Jul 05, 2007 at 07:40 AM

User Mapping failing for BW



I have created a BW System object on EP 7.0.

I have mentioned the following Porperties:

1) Connector

2) WAS ( path: sap/bw/BEx )

3) UME ( Method as UIDPW and Type as admin,User)

4) Assigned proper permissions.

5) Created a System Alias

I did a User Mapping (From Identity management) with System Alias for one test user on Portal with another test user in BW server.

Now, I am using this system object in my Bex iView. I have given the Template ID in the Application Query String property. For version, If I give Netweaver BI, it dumps. So I maintained SAP BW 2.x/3.x.

Now the problem I am facing is, when I try to preview the Bex iView, It partially shows me the BW Report with data filled in. The icons are not loaded at this point. I get a Popup for Logon details to the BW Server. The moment I provide the logon details, the screen continues to load all icons and it looks perfect.

My questions is, what could have gone wrong. My connection property and User Mapping should have been correct as it pointed to the server and fetched the data initially. It was the icons and images which were not still getting loaded.

Any Suggestions?