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Creating a baseline version in PowerDesigner repository

Jul 18, 2017 at 08:33 PM


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Can someone explain what is lost when you check in a change to the repository as a "baseline version"?

We have a project that is getting very large, and is over 700 versions past the last baseline. I can't find any information on what functionality you lose when you baseline a version. Do you just lose the ability to compare to previous versions?


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George McGeachie Jul 19, 2017 at 09:35 AM

The PD help topic Check-In Parameters says that the "Create baseline version" option:

Creates a completely new version of the model, instead of simply versioning the objects that have changed. This option is available only if you have Full permission on the document. The Merge Changes to Repository Document dialog does not open. Baseline versions may be quicker to check in and out, but they require considerably more disk space than standard versions.

Occasionally, the repository cannot process a standard version; in this situation, you should try to create a baseline version that can be used as a starting point for a new development step.

In each of your 700 previous versions, PD only stored the differences between that version and the previous version. When you check out a non-baseline version, PD has to assemble the model from all those differences, before handing it to you to use. Checking-in a baseline version has no impact on merging, comparing, checking out, branching, etc., except possibly speeding them up. :)

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... and even if you cannot process a standard version, I would suggest to activate the internal model checks and try again.

If after running internal model checks, there are no errors and the check in still fails... go with baseline version...

Until now, I didn't found any other reason to go with baseline.

But maybe you have a very small model, or GBs of the disk space in your DB... then it would speed up the check in...

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Thank you George McGeachie,

I realized after I posted that I didn't mention WHY I was asking this question. :)
The reason we are considering it, is because of how long it takes to check out, compare, and check in the model. It sounds like creating a baseline will help at least some of these.

Thank you!


Are you using the Repository Proxy to speed up repository processing?

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George McGeachie

As far as I I am not sure how that works. Is that something that I, as a modeler, can do? Or is that a setting in the repository configuration?

I don't have access, and didn't set up the repository configuration.


I think (I don't use a proxy, so can't be sure) you can tell by looking at the details of the ODBC connection you use