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how do I start rep agent in erssd sap anywhere after error?

Jul 18, 2017 at 07:05 PM


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Hi community,

I have a Replication Server installation using erssd (anywhere). The Replication Server was working very well but after a time, REP AGENT thread in the erssd was down.

REP AGENT Awaiting Command f03_erssd.f03_erssd

In the repserver errorlog I see continuous messages like this but the REP AGENT keep down:

I. 2017/07/17 16:31:04. Starting embedded RSSD Replication Agent by dREC.

In the RepAgent errorlog I see the next messages:

I. 2017-07-18 12:40:03. Replication starts after queue identifier (0010487322)

E. 2017-07-18 12:40:03. Invalid parameter specification for rs_marker stored procedure

E. 2017-07-18 12:40:03. Log operation at offset 0010488051 has bad data at offset 0010488059

E. 2017-07-18 12:40:03. Shutdown caused by fatal error

I. 2017-07-18 12:40:03. Beginning LTM shutdown sequence and freeing resources

I. 2017-07-18 12:40:04. LTM Shutdown Complete

Anyone know How Can I find out Why the RepAgent is down and resolve the issue?


Juan Carlos

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1 Answer

Breck Carter Jul 21, 2017 at 03:21 AM

The message "Log operation at offset 0010488051 has bad data at offset 0010488059" is critical.

Most likely the SQL Anywhere transaction log file is corrupt. You may confirm that by running the dbtran utility on the transaction log file.

CORRECTION: SQL Anywhere 12 and later no longer supports the Replication Agent / Log Transfer Manager (dbltm) for Replication Server. However, that does not necessarily apply to SQL Anywhere 12 and later being used as a Replication Server System Database (RSSD). Incorrect material previously appeared in this answer... for more (correct!) information see the comments from Mark Parsons below :)

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I've got a RS 15.7.1 SP304 (repserver) instance running with what looks like ASA16 (SQL Anywhere 16) as its eRSSD.

Commands being used to start/stop the eRSSD:

${SYBASE}/${SYBASE_REP}/ASA16/bin/dbspawn ... -q ${SYBASE}/${SYBASE_REP}/ASA16/bin/dbsrv16 ...
${SYBASE}/${SYBASE_REP}/ASA16/bin/dbstop ...

With the errorlog showing the following at startup:

I. 07/04 10:52:44. SQL Anywhere Network Server Version
I. 07/04 10:52:44. Standard Edition

Would the above still apply if using Mobilink or SQL Remote? [Trying to understand why I don't see any mention of Mobilink or SQL Remote ... looking in the wrong places?]


See this Help topic... "The SQL Anywhere Replication Agent for Sybase Replication Server is not supported in version 12. You must use an alternative replication or synchronization technology such as MobiLink or SQL Remote"

Other than reading the google to you, I know nothing about Rep Server other than how to customize MobiLink to mimic some of the more arcane aspects of Rep Server behavior... most folks don't need to do that.

If you have questions about SQL Anywhere, MobiLink or SQL Anywhere, the forum to use is


FWIW ...

Repserver needs a database to store various details (eg, users, db connections, config data, publish/subscribe pairs, etc). This database is called the Rep Server System Database (RSSD).

When setting up a repserver instance the DBA has 2 RDBMS options to choose from when deciding where to create the RSSD ... 1) ASE or 2) SQLAnywhere. It's quite common to have more than one repserver running in an environment, with each repserver capable of using either ASE or SQLAnywhere to house its RSSD (ie, you can have a mix of ASE and SQLAnywhere).

If an environment has multiple repservers, the DBA can setup routes between these repservers. To support routes between repservers it is necessary to replicate some of the data from the upstream RSSD to the downstream RSSD. Net result is that RSSD data replication (via repserver) is performed for ... ASE to ASE, ASE to SQLAnywhere, SQLAnywhere to ASE, or SQLAnywhere to SQLAnywhere.

In my environment I have a mix of ASE/RSSD and SQLAnywhere/RSSD setups, with data replicated between these RSSDs (to support repserver routes). All of this RSSD replication works just fine with SQLAnywhere 16 (the version of SQLAnywhere distributed with the versions of repserver I'm currently using).


The link you've provided appears (to me: I'm not a SQLAnywhere/MobiLink/SQLRemote user) to apply to user-defined SQLAnywhere databases that at one point may have used repserver for replication, but now must use MobiLink/SQLRemote (??).

But this does appear (to me) to be in direct conflict with the fact that it is possible to use repserver to replicate between ASE and SQLAnywhere (when used as a RSSD).

Since the data in the RSSD is stored in some basic table structures and tends to not use any special SQLAnywhere features (ie, for the most part repserver RSSD queries are identical between ASE/RSSD and SQLAnywhere/RSSD), I'm wondering if replication (via repserver) *is* still supported between SQLAnywhere and ASE but limited to a subset of SQLAnywhere's capabilities ... and instead of trying to explain the limitations to users, SAP/Sybase has opted to 'drop official support' for such a setup, while continuing to provide 'limited support' for the repserver/RSSD?

NOTE: The SQLAnywhere/RSSD is typically referred to as 'eRSSD' (as SQLAnywhere is use as a mostly-hands-off 'e'mbedded database).

The OP issue appears to be related to a SQLAnywhere database used as a repserver RSSD (ie, OP mentions 'erssd').


Thanks for setting me straight! ...I have updated my answer accordingly.