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Jul 04, 2007 at 05:42 PM

SQL stored procedure for Objecttype: payment engine FORM??



This is my first time visit here. Hope someone can help me out.


user 1 is only allowed to create a payment proposal via the payment wizard. So can only save the proposal and not Execute!

User 2 (chief) can opens the proposal ( saved payment wizard proposal user 1 created) and clicks on execute.

Basically how do I achieve that user 1 can only create a proposal and can not choose execute.

What I tried and failed

standard SBO authorizations. I blocked user 1 to create outgoing payments. Although I blocked user 1 for this with the payment wizard when user 1 selects EXECUTE the user can create outgoing payments. A bug if you ask me....

SQL stored procedure: SP_notification.... create stored procedure for @object_Type 46 ( this is document type for Outgoing payments) that if user1 Add one an error will appear. This solution is not enough because it does not block anything.


Does anyone has a suggestion in order to solve this issue? or does someone know, what the @Object_type is for the payment wizard form Step 6 of 9 ( where you make te option what you want to do Execute or save).

thanks in advance

Eddy Rademakers