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Former Member
Jul 04, 2007 at 12:37 PM

LBWQ entires not loaded to RSA7 after RMBWV302 run - 2LIS_02_SCL ok to ITM


Hi Guys,

I have some strange problem in R/3.

We are using two PO extrctors 2LIS_02_ITM & 2LIS_02_SCL to load data, both are working fine. The problem is when user creates PO and that is loaded to BW, the next day he changes the same PO (like G/L account change EKKN-SAKTO or changing sales person EKKO-VERKF) then delta entry will be created in MCEX02 queue (LBWQ) and the job to empty the entries to RSA7 queue was successful, the problem is here the SCL datasource in RSA7 shows 0 records in it where as ITM DS shows one entry in it. Even if I load data to BW SCL brings 0 records and ITM brings 1 (changed) record......

What needs to be done to capture it in SCL extractor, any settings needs to be done???