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Jul 04, 2007 at 12:11 PM

How to make a forced timeout in MDM Workflow?


Hi, all!

I have a workflow that has two consecutive steps:

'Syndicate' -

> 'Stop'

Workflow deals with checked out records. 'Stop' step has Record Checkout = 'Roll Back'

Syndication actually takes place not the moment when step 'Syndicate' is executed but in some period - I suggest this period is related to polling cycle of Syndication Server ('Auto Syndication Task Delay' property in mdss.ini).

So when actual syndication takes place, workflow has no records because they has already been rolled back by 'Stop' step. As a result, since current workflow has no records, syndicated file contains all records of repository.

My question is - can I give a delay about 10-15 secs after 'Syndicate' step finishes and 'Stop' step begins for these steps to come one after another as it is in the workflow?

Best regards,

Vadim Kalabin