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Jul 04, 2007 at 07:54 AM

Customer master data deletion



I am trying to delete Customers, these customers are uploaded using LSMW and no transactional data exist.

When i am trying to delete through OBR2 system is giving the following error:

<b>Links stored incompletely

Message no. FG166


Customer/vendor links are to be taken into consideration when archiving or deleting customers or vendors. To do this, link data from the database is required which in this case has not yet been put together.

System Response

Neither archiving nor deletion was carried out.


Run program SAPF047 in the background at a time when no customer/vendor changes are being made. This program puts together the link information in table KLPA so that links (for example, specification of an alternative payee or dunning recipient) can be taken into consideration during deletion or archiving. You can find more information in the documentation for SAPF047.</b>

I run the program SAPF047 but there is nothing specific information is coming NO LINKS FOUND.

Please reply ASAP.