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Jul 04, 2007 at 07:06 AM

determine the number of periods on 0FISCPER3


I have a problem concerning the design of a query. The aim of the query is firstly to get rid of variable periodic variations of specific volume data and secondly to compare this data with the same number of periods of the previous year.

Therefore I inserted the following columns and help columns:

S1: key figure volume ; variables: business year (0FISCYEAR) ; periods (=FISCPER3; from - to)

S2: key figure volume; variable offset of business year (-1)

S3: formula: S2/12 (therefore mean value of the previous business year)

S4: (formula variable to determine the number of periods) S3 * number of periods (formula variable)

Actually the formula variable (attribute 0FISCPER3, substitute path, figure) picks up the variable 0FISCPER3 twice: the value from and to. A calculation of the difference within the formula variable did not work.

Now it is not possible for Business Warehouse to carry out the replacement of the figure.


However, these are not the same for all formula components , or the selection is not available in the terms. Another possibility is that the variable cannot be consistently replaced by “from” or “to”</i>

Can you tell me which mistake I made respectively how to construct this query!

Thank you very much in advance.