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Jul 04, 2007 at 07:03 AM

Strange Problem with windows form in SBO


Hi all

I encountered a strange problem

I have a standard .net windows form that I am activating from a menu in SBO

In the test Env. in our office the form always shows on top, whoever in the customer site first time you activate the menu the form appears correctly on top but when you close the form and press the menu again the form will appear "behind" the SBO.

The form will appear on top only the first time you use it.

The form is set to TopMost true

I also tried using the user32.dll functions of SetFocus and SetForgroundWindow

(I put them in the Activated event of the form)

But it made no difference – first time form on top - the rest the from is behind

The form is run on a separate thread and as I said works perfectly in the test Env.

I am using .net 2005 with SBO 2005

Any Ideas ?