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Jul 04, 2007 at 06:54 AM



i created lsmw program for mm01 using direct input method .

i done upto defining source fields now i want to create the relation between structures ,In this step what to do can any body give suggetions

here i am sending what i have dine

Here I am defining source structures.this one is 2nd step

ZCPROJ - ZCSUB - ZCOBJ demo on object

Source Structures


|-----ZBSTRUC basic view structure

|-----ZMDES Material description

|-----ZALT ALT UOM Structure

|-----ZCLAS Classification structure

|-----ZSALV Sales view

|-----ZSALT sales taxes

|-----ZSALTX sales text

|-----ZPUR Purchasing

|-----ZPURT Purchasing text

|-----ZPLAN Plant data

|-----ZFORC forecasting

|-----ZWSH Work scheduling

|-----ZPLS plant data storage

|-----ZWMST WM Structure

|-----ZQMST QM Structure

|-----ZACCO account cost

3rd step defining source fields

ZCPROJ - ZCSUB - ZCOBJ demo on object

Source Fields


|--5 ZBSTRUC basic view structure

| |-----MATNR C(010) Material

| |-----MBRSH C(010) Industry sector

| |-----MTART C(010) Material type

| |-----AENNR C(010) Change number

| |-----MATNR1 C(010) material

| |-----MAKTX C(010) material description

| |-----MEINS C(010) asic unit of measure

| |-----MATKL C(010) Material group

| |-----BISMT C(010) old matrerial no

| |-----EXTWG C(010) External material group

| |-----SPART C(010) division

| |-----LABOR C(010) lab off

| |-----PRDHA C(010) product heirarchy

| |-----MSTAE C(010) material status

| |-----MSTDE C(010) valid from

| |-----MTPOS_MARA C(010) General item catogory group

| |-----FERTH C(010) Produc inspection memo

| |-----CADKZ C(010) cad indicator

| |-----WRKST C(010) basic material

| |-----KZUMW C(010) environmentally relevent indicator

| |-----ZZPCODE C(010) product code

| |-----ZZPMODEL C(010) product model

| |-----ZSWVER C(010) version

| |-----ZZMET C(010) meta class

| |-----ZEINR C(010) document

| |-----ZEIVR C(010) documentversion

| |-----ZEIAR C(010) document type

| |-----SATNR C(010) cross plat CM

| |-----BLATT C(010) page number

| |-----KZKFG C(010) material configurable

| |-----BRGEW C(010) gross weight

| |-----GEWEI C(010) weight unit

| |-----NTGEW C(010) net weight

| |-----VOLUM C(010) volume

| |-----VOLEH C(010) volme unit

| |-----GROES C(010) size/ deimension

| |-----MDZUO C(010) design documents attached


|--5 ZMDES Material description

| |-----MATNR C(010) material

| |-----SPRAS C(010) language

| |-----MAKTX C(010) material description


|--5 ZALT ALT UOM Structure

| |-----MATNR C(010) material

| |-----MAKTX C(010) material description

| |-----UMREN C(010) alt uom volume

| |-----MEINH C(010) alt uom

| |-----UMREZ C(010) base conversion factor

| |-----MEINS C(010) basic unit of measuer


|--5 ZCLAS Classification structure

| |-----MATNR C(010) material

| |-----MAKTX C(010) material description

| |-----KLART C(010) material type

| |-----CLASS C(010) mateial class

| |-----ATNAM C(010) internal charecteristic

| |-----ATWRT C(010) charecteristic value


|--5 ZSALV Sales view

| |-----MATNR C(010) material

| |-----MAKTX C(010) material description

| |-----VKORG C(010) sales organization

| |-----SPART C(010) division

| |-----MSTAV C(010) cross distribution channel status

| |-----MSTDV C(010) valid from

| |-----VMSTA C(010) Distribution channel specific status

| |-----VMSTD C(010) valid from

| |-----DWERK C(010) delivery plat

| |-----MATKL C(010) material group

| |-----SKTOF C(010) cash discount

| |-----AUMNG C(010) minimum order quantity

| |-----LFMNG C(010) min delivery quantity

| |-----SCMNG C(010) delivery unit quantity

| |-----RDPRF C(010) rounding frofile

| |-----VERSG C(010) material statistic group

| |-----KONDM C(010) material pricing group

| |-----KTGRM C(010) account assign ment group

| |-----MTPOS_MARA C(010) general item category group

| |-----MTPOS C(010) item category group

| |-----PMATN C(010) pricing material group

| |-----PRODH C(010) product heirarchy

| |-----MVGR1 C(010) material group1

| |-----MVGR2 C(010) material group2

| |-----MVGR3 C(010) material group3

| |-----MVGR4 C(010) material group4

| |-----MVGR5 C(010) material group5

| |-----ZMORT C(010) mat type

| |-----ZZCCODE C(010) char cdoe

| |-----ZZCVALU C(010) charecter value


|--5 ZSALT sales taxes

| |-----MATNR C(020) material

| |-----TALND C(003) tax country code

| |-----TAXKM C(010) taxclassification 1

| |-----TAXKM1 C(010) tax clasificaton 2

| |-----TAXKM2 C(010) tax classification3

| |-----TAXKM3 C(010) tax classification 4

| |-----TAXKM4 C(010) tax classification 5

| |-----TAXKM5 C(010) tax classification 6

| |-----TAXKM6 C(010) tax classification 7

| |-----TAXKM7 C(010) tax classification 8

| |-----TAXKM8 C(010) tax classification 9


|--5 ZSALTX sales text

| |-----RMATNR C(020) refrence material

| |-----MATNR C(020) material code

| |-----VKORG C(010) sales organization

| |-----VTWEG C(010) distribution channel

| |-----SPART C(010) division

| |-----DESC C(040) descrition

| |-----SPARS C(003) language


|--5 ZPUR Purchasing

| |-----MATKL C(010) material description

| |-----MMSTA C(010) plant specific material status

| |-----MMSTD C(008) valid from

| |-----KAUTB C(020) automatic purchase order

| |-----XCHPF C(020) batch management

| |-----EKWSL C(020) purchasing value key

| |-----WEBAZ C(020) goods receiving proc time

| |-----INSMK C(020) post into inspection stock

| |-----KZKRI C(020) critical part

| |-----USEQU C(020) quota arr usage

| |-----KORDB C(020) source list

| |-----FABKZ C(020) jit scheduling


|--5 ZPURT Purchasing text

| |-----REMATNR C(020) refrence material

| |-----MATNR C(020) material

| |-----WERKS C(010) plat

| |-----TEXT C(040) text line

| |-----SPRAS C(003) language


|--5 ZPLAN Plant data

| |-----MATNR C(020) material

| |-----WERKS C(010) plant

| |-----MEINS C(010) basic unit of measure

| |-----BRGEW C(010) gross weight

| |-----GEWEI C(010) weight unit

| |-----NTGEW C(010) net weight

| |-----MTVFP C(010) availability check

| |-----XCHPF C(010) batch management

| |-----TRAGR C(010) transportation group

| |-----LADGR C(010) loading group

| |-----XMCNG C(010) negative stocks

| |-----PRCTR C(010) profit center

| |-----SERNP C(010) serial number profile

| |-----STAWN C(010) commodity import code

| |-----MTVER C(010) export import group

| |-----CASNR C(010) cash number

| |-----HERKL C(010) contry of origin

| |-----HERKR C(010) regeion of orih\gin

| |-----PRENC C(010) excemption cert

| |-----PRENO C(010) excempton cert no

| |-----PREND C(010) issue date of cert no

| |-----ZDTCD C(010) import duty code

| |-----ZDTRT C(010) import date

| |-----DISGR C(010) mrp group

| |-----EKGRP C(010) purchasing group

| |-----MAABC C(010) abc indicator

| |-----MMSTA C(020) plant specific material status

| |-----MMSTD C(010) date of pim spe status

| |-----DISMM C(010) mrp type

| |-----MINBE C(010) reorder print

| |-----FXHOR C(010) planning time fence

| |-----LFRHY C(010) planing cycle

| |-----DISPO C(010) mrp controller

| |-----DISLS C(010) lot size key

| |-----BSTFE C(010) fixed lot size

| |-----MABST C(010) maximum stock level

| |-----BSTMI C(010) minimum lot size

| |-----BSTMA C(010) maximun lot size

| |-----BSTRF C(010) Rounding value

| |-----DIBER C(010) MRP area exists

| |-----BESKZ C(010) Procurement type

| |-----SOBSL C(010) Special procurement

| |-----LGPRO C(010) Prod. stor. location

| |-----USEQU C(010) Quota arr. usage

| |-----VSPVB C(010) Default supply area

| |-----RGEKZ C(010) Backflush

| |-----LGFSB C(010) Storage loc. for EP

| |-----FABKZ C(010) JIT sched. indicator

| |-----EPRIO C(010) Withdr. seq. group

| |-----SCHGT C(010) Bulk Material

| |-----DZEIT C(010) In-house production

| |-----PLIFZ C(010) Plnd delivery time

| |-----WEBAZ C(010) GR processing time

| |-----MRPPP C(010) Planning calendar

| |-----FHORI C(019) SchedMargin key

| |-----EISBE C(010) Safety stock

| |-----LGRAD C(010) Service level (%)

| |-----EISLO C(010) Min safety stock

| |-----RWPRO C(010) Coverage profile

| |-----SHFLG C(010) Safety time ind.

| |-----SHZET C(010) Safety time/act.cov.

| |-----SHPRO C(010) STime period profile

| |-----ZKROP C(010) ZKROP

| |-----ZZUSI C(010) ZZUSI

| |-----ZRPQT C(010) ZRPQT

| |-----ZZUS2 C(010) ZZUS2

| |-----ZRPCD C(010) ZRPCD

| |-----ZZUS3 C(010) ZZUS3

| |-----ZXKBR C(010) ZXKBR

| |-----ZZPACK C(010) ZZPACK

| |-----ZSKBR C(010) ZSKBR

| |-----ZRTRN C(019) ZRTRN

| |-----ZPDAY C(010) ZPDAY

| |-----ZRPRB C(010) ZRPRB

| |-----ZSTOP C(010) ZSTOP

| |-----ZZMCL C(010) ZZMCL

| |-----ZPRN_FLG1 C(010) ZPRN_FLG1


| |-----ZPRN_FLG2 C(010) ZPRN_FLG2

| |-----ZZFRU C(010) ZZFRU

| |-----ZZMENGE C(010) ZZMENGE

| |-----PERKZ C(010) Period indicator

| |-----PERIV C(010) Fiscal Year Variant

| |-----STRGR C(010) Planning strategy group

| |-----VRMOD C(010) Consumption mode

| |-----VINT1 C(010) Bwd consumption per.

| |-----VINT2 C(010) Fwd consumption per.

| |-----MISKZ C(010) Mixed MRP

| |-----PRGRP C(010) Product group

| |-----PRWRK C(010) Production plant

| |-----UMREF C(010) Conversion factor

| |-----VPBME C(010) Planning matl BUnit

| |-----WZEIT C(010) Tot. repl. lead time

| |-----KZPSP C(010) Cross-project matl

| |-----STDPD C(010) ConfigurableMaterial

| |-----ALTSL C(001) Selection method

| |-----KAUSF C(010) Component scrap (%)

| |-----SBDKZ C(010) Individual/coll.

| |-----KZBED C(010) Requirements group

| |-----VERKZ C(010) Special stock maint.

| |-----AHDIS C(010) MRP dep.requirements

| |-----KZAUS C(010) Discontinuation ind.

| |-----AUSDT C(010) Effective-out date

| |-----NFMAT C(010) Follow-up material

| |-----SAUFT C(010) Sales value

| |-----SFEPR C(010) REM profile

| |-----MDACH C(010) Action control

| |-----DPLFS C(010) Fair share rule

| |-----DPLPU C(010) Push distribution

| |-----DPLHO C(010) Deployment horizon


|--5 ZFORC forecasting

| |-----MATNR C(020) Material_No

| |-----WERKS C(010) plant

| |-----PRMOD C(010) Forecast model

| |-----PERKZ C(010) Period indicator

| |-----PRDAT C(010) Last forecast

| |-----PERIV C(010) Fiscal Year Variant

| |-----VRBMT C(010) RefMatl: consumption

| |-----VRBWK C(010) RefPlant:consumption

| |-----VRBDT C(010) Date to

| |-----VRBFK C(010) Multiplier

| |-----PERAN C(010) Historical periods

| |-----ANZPR C(010) Forecast periods

| |-----PERIO C(010) Periods per season

| |-----PERIN C(010) Initialization pds

| |-----FIMON C(010) Fixed periods

| |-----KZINI C(010) Initialization

| |-----SIGGR C(010) Tracking limit

| |-----AUTRU C(010) Reset automatically

| |-----MODAW C(010) Model selection

| |-----MODAV C(010) Selection procedure

| |-----KZPAR C(010) Param.optimization

| |-----OPGRA C(010) Optimization level

| |-----GEWGR C(010) Weighting group

| |-----KZKFK C(010) Correction factors

| |-----ALPHA C(010) Alpha factor

| |-----BETA1 C(010) Beta factor

| |-----GAMMA C(010) Gamma factor

| |-----DELTA C(010) Delta factor


|--5 ZWSH Work scheduling

| |-----MATNR C(010) Material_No

| |-----WERKS C(010)

| |-----AUSME C(010) Unit of issue

| |-----FRTME C(010) Production unit

| |-----MMSTA C(010) Plant-sp.matl status

| |-----MMSTD C(019) Valid from

| |-----FEVOR C(010) Production scheduler

| |-----LGPRO C(010) Prod. stor. location

| |-----SFCPF C(010) SFCPF

| |-----MATGR C(010) MATGR

| |-----SERAIL C(010) Serial no. profile

| |-----OCMPF C(010) OCMPF

| |-----INSMK C(010) Stock type

| |-----KZKRI C(010) Critical part

| |-----VERKZ C(010) Special stock maint.

| |-----XCHPF C(010) Batch management

| |-----KZECH C(010) Batch entry

| |-----UNETO C(010) Underdely tolerance

| |-----UEETO C(010) Overdely tolerance

| |-----UEETK C(010) Unltd overdelivery

| |-----RUEZT C(010) Setup time

| |-----PRANZ C(010) Number of

| |-----DZEIT C(010) In-house production

| |-----EISBE C(010) Safety stock

| |-----BASMG C(010) Base quantity


|--5 ZPLS plant data storage

| |-----MATNR C(010) Material_No

| |-----WERKS C(010) plant

| |-----LGORT C(010) storage location

| |-----MEINS C(010) Base Unit of Measure

| |-----AUSME C(010) Unit of issue

| |-----LGPBE C(010) Storage bin

| |-----LWMKB C(010) LWMKB

| |-----TEMPB C(010) Temp. conditions

| |-----RAUBE C(010) Storage conditions

| |-----BEHVO C(010) Container reqmts

| |-----STOFF C(010) Haz. material number

| |-----ABCIN C(010) CC phys. inv. ind.

| |-----CCFIX C(010) CC indicator fixed

| |-----WESCH C(010) Number of GR slips

| |-----ETIAR C(010) Label type

| |-----ETIFO C(010) Label form

| |-----XCHPF C(010) Batch management

| |-----MAXLZ C(010) Max. storage period

| |-----LZEIH C(010) Time unit

| |-----MHDRZ C(010) Min. rem. shelf life

| |-----MHDHB C(010) Total shelf life

| |-----IPRKZ C(010) IPRKZ

| |-----RDMHD C(010) Rounding rule SLED

| |-----MHDLP C(010) Storage percentage

| |-----BRGEW C(010) Gross weight

| |-----GEWEI C(010) Weight unit

| |-----NTGEW C(010) Net weight

| |-----VOLUM C(010) Volume

| |-----VOLEH C(010) Volume unit

| |-----GROES C(010) Size/dimensions

| |-----XMCNG C(010) Neg. stocks in plant

| |-----LOGGR C(010) Log. handling group

| |-----SERAIL C(010) Serial no. profile

| |-----PRCTR C(010) Profit Center

| |-----EPRIO C(010) Withdr. seq. group


|--5 ZWMST WM Structure

| |-----MATNE C(010) MATNE

| |-----WERKS C(010)

| |-----LGNUM C(010) Warehouse Number

| |-----STOFF C(010) Haz. material number

| |-----LVSME C(010) LVSME

| |-----BRGEW C(010) Gross weight

| |-----GEWEI C(010) Weight unit

| |-----AUSME C(010) Unit of issue

| |-----VOLUM C(010) Volume

| |-----VOLEH C(010) Volume unit

| |-----VOMEM C(010) VOMEM

| |-----MKAPV C(010) MKAPV

| |-----BEZME C(010) BEZME

| |-----PLKPT C(010) PLKPT

| |-----XCHPF C(010) Batch management

| |-----LTKZA C(010) LTKZA

| |-----LTKZE C(010) LTKZE

| |-----LGBKZ C(010) LGBKZ

| |-----BLOCK C(010) Seq. blocked

| |-----BSSKZ C(010) BSSKZ

| |-----KZMBF C(010) Message to inv. mgmt

| |-----L2SKR C(010) L2SKR

| |-----KZZUL C(010) KZZUL

| |-----LHMG1 C(010) LHMG1

| |-----LHME1 C(010) LHME1

| |-----LETY1 C(010) LETY1

| |-----LHMG2 C(010) LHMG2

| |-----LHME2 C(010) LHME2

| |-----LETY2 C(010) LETY2

| |-----LHMG3 C(010) LHMG3

| |-----LHME3 C(010) LHME3

| |-----LETY3 C(010) LETY3


|--5 ZQMST QM Structure

| |-----MATNR C(010) Material_No

| |-----MEINS C(010) Base Unit of Measure

| |-----QMATV C(010) Inspection setup

| |-----AUSME C(010) Unit of issue

| |-----INSMK C(010) Stock type

| |-----QMATA C(010) QMATA

| |-----KZDKZ C(010) Documentation reqd

| |-----WEBAZ C(010) GR processing time

| |-----PRFRQ C(010) Inspection interval

| |-----RBNRM C(010) RBNRM

| |-----MMSTA C(010) Plant-sp.matl status

| |-----MMSTD C(010) Valid from

| |-----QMPUR C(010) QM proc. active

| |-----LANGU C(010) Language Key

| |-----ART C(010) ART

| |-----APA C(010) APA

| |-----AKTIV C(010) Total


|--5 ZACCO account cost


|-----MATNR C(010) Material_No

|-----WERKS C(019) plant

|-----BWTTY C(010)

|-----MLAST C(010) MLAST

|-----MLMAA C(010) MLMAA

|-----BKLAS C(010) Valuation Class

|-----EKLAS C(010) VC: Sales order stk

|-----QKLAS C(010) Proj. stk val. class

|-----VPRSV C(010) Price control

|-----PEINH C(010) Price unit

|-----VERPR C(010) Moving price

|-----STPRS C(010) Standard price

|-----LBKUM C(010) Total stock

|-----SALK3 C(010) Total value

|-----ZKPRS C(010) ZKPRS

|-----ZKDAT C(010) ZKDAT

|-----STPRV C(010) Previous price

|-----LAEPR C(010) Last price change

|-----BWPRS C(010) Tax price 1

|-----BWPS1 C(010) Tax price 2

|-----VJBWS C(010) Tax price 3

|-----BWPRH C(010) Commercial price 1

|-----BWPH1 C(010) Commercial price 2

|-----VJBWH C(010) Commercial price 3

|-----ABWKZ C(010) Devaluation ind.

|-----BWPEI C(010) Price unit

|-----XLIFO C(010) LIFO/FIFO-relevant

|-----MYPOL C(010) MYPOL

|-----NCOST C(010) NCOST

|-----EKALR C(010) EKALR

|-----HRKFT C(010) Origin group

|-----HKMAT C(010) Material origin

|-----KOSGR C(010) KOSGR

|-----AWSLS C(010) Variance Key

|-----SOBSK C(010) SOBSK

|-----LOSGR C(010) Planned lot size

|-----KZKUP C(010) Co-product

|-----FVIDK C(010) FVIDK

|-----PPRDZ C(010) Period

|-----PDATZ C(010) Fiscal year

|-----ZPLRP C(010) ZPLRP

|-----PPRDL C(010) PPRDL

|-----PDATL C(010) PDATL

|-----LPLPR C(010) LPLPR

|-----PPRDV C(010) PPRDV

|-----PDATV C(010) PDATV

|-----VPLPR C(010) PreviousPlannedPrice

|-----ZPLP1 C(010) ZPLP1

|-----ZPLD1 C(010) ZPLD1

|-----ZPLP2 C(010) ZPLP2

|-----ZPLD2 C(010) ZPLD2

|-----ZPLP3 C(010) ZPLP3

|-----ZPLD3 C(010) ZPLD3

In 4th step what to do could you pleas sggest me

ZCPROJ - ZCSUB - ZCOBJ demo on object

Structure Relations


|--5 BGR00 Batch Input Structure for Session Data

| Select Target Structure BGR00 .


|--5 BMM00 Material Master: Transaction Data for Batch Input

| Select Target Structure BMM00 .


|-----BMMH1 Material Master: Transfer of Main Data

| Select Target Structure BMMH1 .

|-----BMMH2 Material Master: Country Data for Batch Input (from 2nd Cty)

|-----BMMH3 Material Master: Forecast Values for Batch Input

|-----BMMH4 Material Master: Consumption Values for Batch Input

|-----BMMH5 Mat. Master: Descriptions for Batch Input (Except 1st Text)

|-----BMMH6 Material Master: Units of Measure for BTCI

|-----BMMH7 Material Master: Long Texts for Batch Input

|-----BMMH8 Material Master: Referential EANs for BTCI

in this step these structures are have some fields but in source structure which i created previous steps each structure have fields which are not there in these strcture

could you lease suggest me what to do