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Unique constraint violated

Jul 19, 2017 at 09:48 PM


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Could not execute 'call bhavya.zz_get_series1' in 715 ms 746 µs . [301]: unique constraint violated: search table error: "BHAVYA"."ZZ_GET_SERIES1": line 34 col 1 (at pos 851): [301] (range 3) unique constraint violated exception: unique constraint violated: TrexUpdate failed on table 'BHAVYA:AFS_BASE.KPI.TABLES::DB_WEEK_SERIES' with error: unique constraint violation in self check for table BHAVYA:AFS_BASE.KPI.TABLES::DB_WEEK_SERIESen, constraint='REPORT_DATE', udiv='2017-07-18', pos=145110; indexname=_SYS_TREE_CS_#17759941_#0_#P0, rc=55

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So, you got an error message... so what?

Without any further context, all anyone can do is to google it - so can you. How about you do some pre-work on your problems yourself (that's also true for your other questions).

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Lars Breddemann

I tried googling it first. I didn't find the answer and then I post my question here.

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Anjali Chimnani
Jul 23, 2017 at 07:22 PM

Hi Bhavya,

The error unique constraint violated. It usually comes when there is data in your table and the report or procedure or operation that you are performing tries to insert similar data to a column marked with unique constraint.

Can you check if the above is a possibility in your database or if not describe your scenario a bit so that we could solve it?

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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That's right. I was having same data and that's why it was throwing an error.

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I deleted the previous data and executed again and it worked fine.