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Jul 04, 2007 at 04:47 AM

regarding ALV REPORT



My requireent on ALV is:

1 Identify all the notifications, for the given set of Cause Code(s). The notifications should contain all of the given cause codes.

Identify all QMUR-QMNUM for QMUR-URCOD = value 1(one entry) or value 1&2(two entries)or value 1&2&3(three entries)

2 For each QMUR-QMNUM, identify equivalent QMEL-QMNUM

3 For the identified notifications from the QMEL table, extract the notifications which meet the entered input criteria, dates (from and to), notification type, material (for which notification was created) and the plant for material.

From the identified QMEL-QMNUM from Step 2, extract QMEL-QMNUM for which,

I. QMEL-QMDAT is between the selection screen value, QMEL-QMDAT (LOW) and QMEL-QMDAT(HIGH), including the entered dates and

II. QMEL-QMART = selection screen QMEL-QMART value and

III. QMEL-MATNR = selection screen QMEL-MATNR value and

IV. QMEL – MAWERK = selection screen QMEL-MAWERK value

Note: If any field is not entered in the selection screen, all possible entries in that field should be considered.

4 If material type field is entered, display only the list (from step 3) for materials which are of the entered material type

If Material Type, MARA-MTART is entered, identify all MARA-MATNR. For each MARA-MATNR, identify equivalent QMEL-MATNR. Display the result from step 3 only for the identified QMEL-MATNR in this step

5 If the status of notification is selected (RQMLA-STAT_OFN, RQMLA-STAT_RST, RQMLA-STAT_IAR, RQMLA-STAT_MAB, RQMLA-STAT_LV), Limit the final output / display to notifications (QMEL-QMNUM) which are in the selected status

This selection is similar to selection in QM19 transaction

3.2.1 Table Data Access

Sequence Table

Table Name

1 QMUR Quality Notification - Causes

2 QMEL Quality Notification

3 MARA General Material Data

4 RQMLA (structure) i/o field for notification selection

if u help me out with suggetsted code veru helpful for me..... plz try out this with Heirarchial ALV