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STMS configuration for SOLMAN 7.2 SP05 Charm Retrofit n+1

Jul 19, 2017 at 02:26 PM


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Dear Friends,

Hope you all are happy and healthy !!!

We are doing CHARM Configuration in SOLMAN 7.2 SP05 system.

We need to do STMS configuration for retrofit n+1 landscape. Here we have a maintenance landscape (DEV, QLT and PRD) and a project landscape (DEV1 and QLT1), these both landscapes are in different domains. Please also suggest how we need to connect these two domains.

I've seen many blogs but precisely not getting actually how we need to do STMS configuration for n+1 landscape.

We have 2 requirements for CHARM:

1. TR for changes released in DEV system should be go to the queue of QLT and DEV1 both.

2. TR for change created and released in DEV1 system should follow the path: DEV1 -> QLT1 -> DEV -> QLT -> PRD

Please suggest the needful solution, if someone have screenshot of STMS n+1 configuration that can also help.

I've already followed below links:

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Rodion Rodionov
Jul 24, 2017 at 11:42 AM

Hi Gopal, you would need domain link between DEV and DEV1 domains. Consolidation routes between DEV and QLT and between DEV1 and QLT1. And delivery routes for QLT1 -> DEV -> QLT -> PRD. Please note that all routes should be client specific. You wouldn`t need additional route between DEV and DEV1 for retrofit. Just RFC`s to Solman.

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Hello Rodion,

Thanks for your reply :)

Above recommendations are good except the delivery route from QLT1 -> DEV.

I've created delivery route between QLT1 - > DEV then for testing I went to SE01 in QLT1 and tried creating a transport request and its not showing target as DEV but in the same track if I create consolidation route then I'm able to see this DEV system with corresponding client as target.

Please suggest if this is good.

Best Regards,

Gopal Tamrkar


Indeed Gopal, Delivery route may not work between 2 different transport domains. This is something that need to be tested, I haven't try that.

Can you please clarify if it`s really required to have 2 separate transport domains? According to the best practice it`s better to have 1 transport domain with a common \usr\sap\trans for the systems which use the same PROD as target. If it`s forbidden by your network policy's then you can try to forward transports across domain link from the
QLT1 by the means of STMS (stms -> Import queue -> select the transport -> request -> forward to the other SAP system).

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Rodion Rodionov

Yes Rodion, we have 2 different domains. I've also tested pushing one TR from QLT1 to DEV by "forward to the other SAP system" and yes it is working fine and here I have 1 more doubt :)

We have created consolidation route for QLT1 -> DEV with only Z layer so will it be fine to move both sap standard and Customized changes ?


Gopal, SAP standard objects use "SAP" as a standard transport layer. So no, you wouldn`t be able to move them in Z layer.

Can you please also clarify, why you created consolidation route from QLT1 to DEV? Typically that would mean that you would perform development in QLT1 system, is that so? You would need delivery route from QLT1 to DEV in standard CHARM process. Or, in example, you can use forward transports functionality of STMS, but in this case you would need to consider how to manage those transports with CHARM, because they wouldn`t be recognized if you would use standard process.