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Former Member
Jul 03, 2007 at 05:39 PM

HOWTO: Control SAP Rounding of Decimal Places, More precision needed (:


Hi all,

A problem that many already had I suppose. I have a matrix that once a value such as 3.23432 is enter SAP would round it to 3 decimal places, like this 3.234.

The problem with this that when it comes to make computations the rounding is causing errors. I need the precision of 6, that is the maximum. I thought it was the string part , but if I call the .Value property I obtain the same value.

I can't go to the administration part of SAP since when my add-on installs I can't ask the user to set a higher precision or else my add-on would control that part for the rest of the program.

How can I solve this ?