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Jul 03, 2007 at 04:21 PM

Serialized v3 update and setuptables


i have 2 questions regarding LO extraction

<b>Question 1.</b>

while going thru the Lo cockpit step by step

i found there is a certain point where we select serialized v3 update for an initilize delta load. As per my knowledge, i read that serialised v3 is not used any more and is replaced by direct,queued and unserialized v3 update prcocess. if i am wrong where can we find the option to select serialized v3 update in LO cokcpit.

<b>Question 2</b>

when i tried to delete the setup table , the message shown Setup table deleted but i can see data for the same module in RSA3 after the process...hows is it possible.

i appreciate if anyone can reply me and points will be assigned for suitable answers..

thanks and regards

Abhilash Muraleedharan