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Former Member
Jul 03, 2007 at 02:29 PM

KERNEL upgrade problem.


Dear Experts,

Very imp issue. please find time to read and gothrough this.

recently i had updated KERNEL for ECC 6.0 SR2.

after updaing the kerenl files, i'm not able to see the updated patch level

in system status.

Same old patch level is displayed.

1 *what could be the problem?


this is the path, first i had pasted (copy new and paste in tht kerenl Dir).

it had asked for u want to replace (while pasting) i clicked Yes to all.

so, it got replaced with new extracted files.

and when i started the MMC SAP is not starting UP.

then when i had serached in USR dir, i found another Dir with kerenl fiels for

01 instance (java instance defaultly loaded in ECC 6.0 SR2).

so, i had replaced kerenl files , simply by pasting in to this second path.


then i had started SAP MMC, after a few min it was started and i'm able to log in

to SAP.

But, the problem is I'm not able to see the Upgraded value in System status.

What could be the problem ?

2 *where to check ?

I request you people to give your valuable inputs for

3 *procedure to be follwed in upgrading SAP KERNEL?

4 *what kind of fiels to be downloaded from market place?

i.e Kernel part 1 , kerenl part 2 and other kerenl components in both places

where you can download those kerenl parts.

5 *if any problem occurs in kerenl upgrading how to revert back ?

6 *what kind of precautions to be taken before updating Kerenl ?

7 *system restart is mandatory or not ?

if any extra points to be discussed please let me know that.

Thanking you all in anticipation.

Best regards,