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Jul 03, 2007 at 02:00 PM

Issues while retrieving details of Service Ticket ( using CRMD_ORDER )


Hello Group,

I am creating a Service Ticket using the <b>ICWC( Web Client )</b> screen which is triggered in R/3 using the transaction "<b>CRMD_ORDER</b>".

In this process, I was creating a Service ticket ( which has some details like: <b>Category , Subcategory, and time related fields like: Assigned time, Inprocess time, Resolved time</b> and etc., things ).

I want to have these values( mentioned above ) into my Report (R/3 system ).

How can I achieve this task?

Please put in your valuable ideas if you have worked in Service Ticket area ... mainly using <b>ICWC screen</b>.

thank you very much in advance.