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Jul 03, 2007 at 12:59 PM

Problem adding SAPKH60007 - ECC6.0 upgrade


Hi all,

I am right now upgrading 4.6C (4.6D) to ECC 6.0 SR2. Currently in the 4.6C (4.6D Kernel), we have SAP_APPL (SP 53) and the equivalent for that during the PREPARE phase is SAP_APPL SP7 (SAPKH60007) but, the delivery DVDs comes with SAPKH60006. So, in the BIND_PATCH phase, I added SAPKH60007 and SAPKH60008. Surprisingly, when I verified in the subsequent steps, I didn't see them added to the list of support packs. I tried this several times but, didn't work and as we were on a time bound project and having so much pressure and with only only man handling the whole show, I just went ahead without SAPKH60007. Of Course, this support pack is required by note '983757'. I have completed upgrading to ECC 6.0 SR2 in Development system.

Now, I want to upgrade SAP_APPL to SP7 but, when I go to SPAM, and load the support pack through application server (as SAPKH60007 is 57 MB approx.), and when I go to define the support pack for import queue, I don't see anything in the EPS_ROOT.

Can somebody help me as what needs to be done here?

Thank you.