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Jul 03, 2007 at 12:45 PM

Solution Manager Node Restrictions


We have setup a node hierarchy in Solution Manager for our project. There has been a request to restrict maintenance access to selected nodes to a limited number of users and allow the rest of the team display access.

I.e. We have the following Solution Manager structure 1. Finance, 2. Controlling, 3. Materials Management, 4. HR etc. Underneath these nodes there are there are additional folders designed where the various teams are storing their project documentation. We want to restrict access as follows: Give display and change access to the Finance folder and everything underneath it to the Finance project members. All other team members should have display only access to Finance but change access on their own module. Finance team members need only change access to Finance but display access to all other modules' folders.

I have tried to restrict it as follows without success:

1. In Solar_project_admin, in tab Proj. Team Member, mark the flag

"Restrict changes to nodes in project to assigned team members".

2. Give all project members change authorization for the documents tab with object


3. Assign the Finance team members to the Finance node in Administration

tab of the node.

Is there any other way to put this restriction in place or have I perhaps missed a step in implementing the solution?

Any help with this would be grately appreciated.