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Jul 03, 2007 at 11:31 AM

VA - End of stream is reached unexpectedly during input from Socket


Hi All,

When I try to connect to Visual Administrator I get the following error:

"End of stream is reached unexpectedly during input from Socket"

Administrator user is not locked (I can log on with this user to the portal).

I tried to create Direct Connection and connect using other user with administrator permissions/roles - didn't help

I tried to change administrator password in secure store - didn't help either.

If I restart the server, I can connect right after the restart (so restart does release something...)

Portal version is: EP7 SP11.

The machine is a test machine

(Windows 2003 under VMWare with just 1.5MB memory).

I have more than 5GB free in System/Portal partitions.

My other systems are "real" machines with 2GB ram and I don't have this issue in other systems.

Could it be memory problem?

My settings are exactly as described in note 957355