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Jul 03, 2007 at 10:32 AM

Doubt in File to idoc scenario


Hi All,

My scenario is to post the Customer Master Idoc in R/3 from file.

XI configuration has done and R/3 settings were made and i am able to see the idoc in R/3 but it is with error saying that "Account group in the IDoc is different". Kindly suggest me whether is there any problem in xi settings or not. Kindly provide some solution for this and comment some thing on this error, and list some possibilities where we can get this sort of error.

Please look at the mapping :

/DEBMAS06/IDOC/@BEGIN=const([value=1]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/@SEGMENT=const([value=1]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/TABNAM=const([value=EDIDC]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/DIRECT=const([value=2]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/IDOCTYP=const([value=DEBMAS06]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/MESTYP=const([value=DEBMAS]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/SNDPOR=const([value=SAPPED]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/SNDPRT=const([value=LS]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/SNDPRN=const([value=EICLNT100]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/RCVPOR=const([value=SAPECC]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/EDI_DC40/RCVPRN=const([value=R3CLNT800]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/@SEGMENT=const([value=1]) /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/MSGFN=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/MSGFN= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/ANRED=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/Anred= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/KTOKD=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/ktokd= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/LAND1=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/Land1= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/NAME1=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/Name1= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/ORT01=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/Ort01= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/SORTL=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/Sortl= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/SPRAS=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/SPRAS= /DEBMAS06/IDOC/E1KNA1M/LZONE=/ns0:Dell_Mt_Ob/Lzone

And one more doubt, how the source file structure should look :

I have created a Data structure Dell_Dt_Ob under that i have taken 9 fields. and the message type is Dell_Mt_Ob. i have mapped Dell_Mt_Ob to segment E1KNA1M. But there is no mapping for DEBMAS06, IDOC, EDI_DC40. Kindly suggest me whether the strucutre which i have created is correct or wrong.

Thanks in advance.