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Jul 03, 2007 at 10:28 AM

calling pages and more than 1 main window


Hi All,

Hi All,

I am designing a Smartform.It contains 2 sections.In 1st section

page1 contains only templates and no main window.On page2 i have

4 dynamic tables which i have included in main window.If the data

is large content of page2 extends to page3.Now the 2nd section begins.I

have to display details of various materials. page4 again contains

templates and no main window.Page5 contains again 4 dynamic tables

and if the data is large it can extend to page6.Ideally these 4 tables

should be included in main window.but i already have 1 main window in

page2.As per my knowledge in 1 smartform there can be only 1 main window.

So please suggest any way to do this.

1 more thing.....

As i said in 2nd section i am displaying details of materials-- page4,

page5,page6 display details of only 1 material.These 3 pages--page4,page5

page6 should repeat for other materials also.

How do i achieve this.

Thanks and Regards,

Shital Chheda.