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Inspection type for 101/641 intracompany movements

Jul 18, 2017 at 04:13 PM


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My problem is that I have to set up a type of inspection that triggers a lot of inspection (02,04,08) on receipt storage after a 641 move, let me clarify my case: Production plant declares the finishing product using 101 & 641 sending to stock in couse (unrestricted), we have to send immediately to distribution warehouses due to the minimum available storage space; Then the logistic staff receives using movement 101, at this point it is when I need to inspect the material. Then the Quality department releases the product, and Logistics executes another movement 641 sending to the external storage (another center). You can see the movements of the material below:

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Craig S
Jul 19, 2017 at 03:34 PM

Kind of depends on what else you might do for inspections. You could disable QM for 101. Then copy 101 movement type to a custom 9xx movement type. Train users to use the custom movement type in place of the 101 where you want them to create an inspection lot. So basically the logistics folks get their own movement type.

You can also use an enhancement at time of plan selection. (There is an exit for this). In the enhancement you assign the proper inspection plan to use. One plan you set with one optional test. This gets auto-processed by the auto UD program and posts the stock to UR. Other wise a real test plan is assigned and the lot created requiring some result(s) to be recorded before making UD.


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Thank you very much for your answer, if I understood well the solution that I need would be:

Storage location 0020 (Production Plant):

Mov 9XX (copy of 101 with qm disabled) => Inspection lot will not be created

Mov 641 (std)

Storage location 0030 (Logistic & Distribution):

Mov 101 (std) => Inspection lot will be created

Mov 641 (std)

I am right?

Seems easier than user exit (plan choice).


Yes. but of course, review with your MM people.

Keep in mind it becomes procedural. There would be nothing to prevent using 9xx in storage location 0030 or using 101 in 0020.

Unless your MM folks have a trick or config that can control that.