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Jul 03, 2007 at 08:54 AM

Idoc Structure Import Doubt??


Hi Experts..

The client in my case wants a file in a particular way. I can bring the entire data likewise, but the only problem is that in an Idoc structure, there will be the Control Record, which has the Header Record, Data Record and Status Record.

The next sub structure of Idoc is Segment Record which holds the segment data.

In Idx2 i imported the meta data, but in the import of Idoc Cremas03, i couldnt get the Data Record structure. So, in IR also when i imported the same, i couldnt see that structure. The first 64 lenght of each segment data in my clients file is the Data record following which the segement data starts. If i cant get it in the input i wont be able to get the desired output. Can anyone tell me how can i include this Data Record part of the Idoc as a part of the Metadata or in IR??

Kindly help.