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Jul 03, 2007 at 08:49 AM

Database sizes on ERP2005


Dear all,

first of all a 'ciao' from Italy to all the people here... I'm a basis admin and my company is planning to move from iSeries DB2/400 to win64/sql2005

Currently we're running R/3 46C on iSeries, and the new windows/sql instance will be a brand new ERP2005 unicode, no upgrade/data migration from the old system, everything will start from scratch.

Currently we're dimensioning our hw/san/db's so I have a very generical question for you, at least the ones running ERP2005 on sql server: can you give us a rough extimation of yor db sizes let's say at 1 year and 3 years ?

I know that this is a pretty generic and nearly meaningless question, many factors could interfere here (customizing settings, archiving strategies etc.etc.)... however your experience in db sizing would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance to everyone.