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Jul 03, 2007 at 07:20 AM

Integrate Cost Estimates( Code of Accounts) with Planning


HI friends,

Want to have your opinion..

Cost Estimation is done using <b>Code of Accounts</b> (COA). There is a separate development being carried out in SQL database for Cost estimation purpose, as we believe detailed Estimation is not possible in SAP PS. We want to integrate these COA with the WBS elements.

We can brought this estimation figure in PS only in summarized form. Say one cost element for one COA. Then we can do cost planning for the wbse by CJR2.

Is there any other way in which we can brought the estimated figures in the PS.

Is it advisable to have number of cost elements equal to COA.

Can the detailed estimated figures can be brought in SAP instead of in summarized form so that afterwards we can compare the actual values with the estimated figures.