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Jul 03, 2007 at 07:15 AM

regarding an abap statement


i have

field-symbols : <n> type x,

<pn> type c,

<dn1> type x.

data: rn type i,

rn1(4) type c,

n type c.

describe field P_I_UPLOAD type _c.

if _c eq 'u'.

l = strlen( PI_UPLOAD ).

_i = _l div 2.

do _l times.

a = sy-index - 1.

a1 = P_I_UPLOAD+a(1).

assign a1 to <n> casting.

move <n> to rn.

and so on

what is confusing is the last statement move <n> to rn

can anyone please tell me whats the effect of this?

the value in a1 = Z.


assign a1 to <n> casting.

this statement puts the value in <n> is 5A

and then

move <n> to rn.

puts he the value in rn = 90

can anyone tell me why is this happening?

assign a1 to <n> casting.