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Jul 03, 2007 at 06:44 AM

Workflow instance number = 0000000000, and no log..??


Hi Workflowers

I have a situation where my workflow has been triggered (by an event from a business object - ZBUS2032 - extending BUS2032) but the workflow appears to be frozen in a 'START' status, and goes nowhere..

I am using SWI1 to list work items: the instance number shows as 000000000000, the start date and time are zero, the 'Started by' field is blank, etc. No log can be viewed, but I do have a Work Item number. It must be specifically related to this workflow, because other WS tasks are running OK.

If I click on the instance number, I get the message

<i>Work Item 000000000000 cannot be read.</i>

Any advice on what might be causing this..?