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POPUP Component in Design Studio

Jul 18, 2017 at 07:29 AM


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Hello All

I am using a popup component on my Design Studio application and it is controlled using a switch component. The pop up window also has a close button to close the pop up window and make the switch component to be in 'OFF' position.

Once the popup window closes the whole application becomes inactive. Can anyone help on this. Am I missing something.

I am working on Design Studio 1.6 SP4 with HANA views as the data source.

- Arun

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3 Answers

Arun Rajendran Jul 18, 2017 at 01:11 PM

hi Arjit

Thank you for the response.

I am exactly using the same code for the switch and button component.

It is not working. After I close the pop up the application becomes inactive.

Can we / Do we need to refresh the pop up component ?

Now I have found that the panels under the popup screen area gets inactive. If there are any panels that is not under the popup window, the functions on it works fine.

Any suggestions / help.

- arun

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In case you are using SAP HANA platform to save the dashboards, there are certain limitations. Please check the application designer guide ( if you are trying to use any unsupported feature.

Arun Rajendran Jul 19, 2017 at 05:49 AM

nop, I am not deploying the application to HANA platform. The application is saved on BI platform.

I tested this scenario with new application. The pop up component with switch control works fine till I add a crosstab or infochart on top of the pop up.

Any other suggestions. ?

- Arun

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Is the data source used in the crosstab takes time to fetch data ? What if you do not use a popup container and simply toggle visible property of the crosstab using setVisible function based on switch selection ?


no we cannot go with that work around.. Because we need to have 2 components (score card and info graphic) to be displayed in that pop up.

We jus noticed on the error log

Failed to load MIME object 'sdk_include/'

since we are using sdk component in our application. I think it is because of this the application is not functioning properly.

Any idea on how to fix that failed to load mime object error.


Check if you still face the problem after removing the add-on component from the dashboard. If the add-on is causing the problem, try to replace that with some other component.

Which add-on you are trying to use in the dashboard ? I'll try to reproduce the issue with the same add-on.


I used the speedometer - gauge component (SCN Community 1.6 SDK ver 3.0), cudn find another similar gauge type component.

Strangely now the application is working fine and the issue that I said earlier is no more. But on the error log I can see the following errors. I tried analysing but it leads to Java and cudn understand much.

Unhandled event loop exception

Failed to load MIME object 'xxxxxx / Root Folder / Images / xxxxxx.png'

Arijit Das Jul 18, 2017 at 11:23 AM

Can you share the script you are using ?

Following code works fine for me:

switch.png (4.4 kB)
button.png (3.2 kB)
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