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Jul 03, 2007 at 06:12 AM

VBA SAPBex avoid for waiting for input selections at query runtime



I tried without success to pass variables to a BEx query started from an excel sheet avoiding to receive the input selection at runtime. More exactly I used the following API SAPBex:

'Run the workbook report.

app.Application.Run "SAPBEX.XLA!SAPBEXEmbedQuery", "45Y4G2XJD9IWPKOMK0WQUSRGR"

but the query waits for the input selections

If I try:

var01 = "19.02.2007"


var01 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("My Sheet").Range("C1").Value

If Run("SAPBEX.xla! SAPBEXSetFilterValue", var01, "", Sheets("SheetTest").Range("B34")) = 0 Then


MsgBox "Test failed "

End If

I can't avoid the input request by BEx before to find the query in execution.

In general, how can I pass more then one selection variable to a BEx query?

Any Idea? Is it possible to obtain this my target in BEx environment?

Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.