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Jul 03, 2007 at 05:58 AM

Exploding a Production BOM in Packing


Hi SAP Guru's,

How do I explode a production BOM in Packing? In my production BOM, I have got the list of items which need to be packed. Now the only items which currently show up in the list of items to be packed is from the Sales BOM.

For example: my Sales BOM consist of the following items A, B and C. Now B has a Production BOM made of 3 components: X,Y and Z. I have to pack these three materials in 3 separate boxes as they cannot be packed into one box. The quantities of X,Y,Z can also vary so the number of boxes depends on the quantity of X,Y and Z. Now when I go to Packing, I only see A,B and C from the Sales BOM as the items available for Packing.

How can I explode B so that I see X,Y and Z and its relevant quantities in the items to be packed?


With best regards,