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Jul 03, 2007 at 05:53 AM

RWB:Error when sending message: 404 Not Found


Dear all,

"i am getting error: Error when sending message: 404 Not Found"

while testing from rwb > Component Monitoring > Non-Central Adapter Engines > Adapter Engine AIPID > test message >

with send message to = http://pid:50000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry - pi server url

sld buss system > pipeline url http://pid:50000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry (same)

and my id comm channel > target host > with service no

(adapter type: xi

adapter engine: Integration server

address type: url address

target host: bid

service no: 8000

path: /sap/xi/engine?type=entry

i am working in nw2004s system)

while testing cache connectivity test from rwb > Component Monitoring

i got error:


green: Integration Repository

green: Integration Directory

green: Integration Server - JAVA

red:Adapter Engine af.axd.aipid

yello:Integration Server - ABAP

Adapter Engine af.axd.aipid > Attempt to fetch cache data from Integration Directory failed; cache could not be updated

[Fetch Data]: Unable to find an associated SLD element (source element: SAP_XIIntegrationServer, [CreationClassName, SAP_XIIntegrationServer, string, Name, is.00.aipid, string], target element type: SAP_BusinessSystem)

[Data Evaluation]: GlobalError


though if i try to send message from rwb...> with send message to field with : directly to bi rather than pipeline url through bi than message send successfully but not getting into component monitoring.

what should i do?

best regards,


refer this forum: is rwb's send message to field = sld>buss system>Pipeline URL?



@8O@ Error during last attempt to refresh cache


Smq2 = 0

Sm58 = 0