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Jul 03, 2007 at 05:13 AM

Last Delta upload is not finish Therefore, no new delta update is possible.


Hello everyone,

I use BW 3.x

I have a ODS and a Cube, the ODS upload data to Cube every night, but today i found last night's request is not success when i manage the Cube, so I:

(1) delete the request in the cube

(2) go to the ods, manage it, reset the correspond request's Delta management status.

(3) right click on the ods and click "upload data to 3.x data target". when i click the "Start" to start upload data, the system tell me : "Last Delta upload is not finish, There for, no new delta update.........."

Anyone can give me a step by step introduction about how to solve this problem?

and anyone who can share some material about ODS's delta management?


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