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Jul 17, 2017 at 08:03 PM

SAPUI5 TabContainer and TabContainer Item closable

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I hope that somebody can give me an idea regarding this subject. I have a requirement where I need to display certain information in tabs in an UI5 App. I was looking for a suitable control to display this and I found that the TabStrip control is obsolete since version 1.34 and substituted by the TabContainer, this is fine, now, the old TabStrip was composed by Tabs[], this tabs have a property called closable to create the tabs closable or not, now I can't find this property or something similar in the new TabContainerItem. I find this very odd since I may want tabs not closable for some data display. I have also tried to use the IconTabBar to solve my requirement but since my component is a template that uses the binding to populate, I can't be sure if there are going to be several tabs or just one, and the IconTabBar component requires at minimum 2 IconTabFilters, so it is not the proper component for my requirement.

I hope that somebody can give me an idea about how to proceed in this matter that seems very simple but I must be missing something.

Thanks in advance for any contribution.