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How to create a Quickviewer for Billing doc.

Hi, Experts.

I wanna create a Quickviewer including following information:

1. Billling doc. No.

2. SP/SH/BP/PY linked to this billing doc.

3. Delivery notes linked to this billing doc.

4. PGI qty of each del. note

Besides, we have container rental billing doc., and there is prepayment and freedays for this container rental, thus, for container rental, should include following info.

5. Free days for each item

6. Prepaid days for each item

7. Billable days before deduct Free days&prepaid days

8. Net days

9. Start holdings

10. End holdings

Is it possible to create a Quickviewer including above information?

Or please tell where can I find these info.

Thanks a lot~~~~~~~~

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    Jul 03, 2007 at 02:22 AM

    You will have to get a 'Z' Report developed. Please find below a logic, which isrecommended to put into excel sheet for better understanding & get a report developed as per your requirement from Abaper. Below is only Indicative, which includes link between Project Systems, Sales Order, Delivery, Billing & Accounting.

    <b><u>Initial Screen</u></b>:

    Fields | Table-Field | Remark | Table Joint

    Sales Organization | VBAK-WAERK | Single Selection

    Distribution Channel | VBAK-VTWEG | Multiple Selection

    Division | VBAK-SPART | Multiple Selection

    Sales office | VBAK-VKBUR | Multiple Selection

    Sold to Party | VBPA-KUNNR | Multiple Selection | VBAK-VBELN=VBPA-VBELN

    Material | VBAP-MATNR | Multiple Selection | VBAK-VBELN=VBAP-VBELN

    WBS Element | VBAP-PS PSP PNR | Multiple Selection | VBAK-VBELN=VBAP-VBELN

    Sales Order Type | VBAK-AUART | Multiple Selection

    Billing Type | VBRK-FKART | Multiple Selection | VBAK-VBELN=VBFA-VBELV & VBRK-VBELN=VBFA-VBELN


    <u><b>Main Screen</b></u>:


    Sales Organization | VBAK-VKORG


    <b>Item Level</b>:

    Sold-to-Party | VBPA-KUNNR where VBPA-PARVW = AG

    Distribution Channel | VBAK-VKWEG

    Division | VBAK-SPART

    WBS Element | VBAP-PS_PSP_PNR

    Sales Office | VBAK-VKBUR

    Sales Doc type | VBAK-AUART

    Sales Doc No | VBAK-VBELN

    Material | VBAP-MATNR

    Mat Desc | VBAP-ARKTX



    Doc Currency | VBAK-WAERK

    Delivery No | LIKP-VBELN

    Billing Document Type | VBRK-FKART

    Billing Document No | VBRK-VBELN

    Billing Document Line No | VBRP-POSNR

    Quantity | VBRP-FKIMG

    Price - Base Price

    Price - Service Tax

    Price - Education Cess

    Price - VAT

    Price - Other taxes

    Price - Total

    Accounting Document Number | BKPF-BELNR

    Table Joints at Item Level:



    VBAK-VBELN = VBFA-VBELV (For Delivery)





    • some details are missing, please try to identify & use it as per your requirement.


    Rajesh Banka

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