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Jul 03, 2007 at 12:32 AM

How do these technical name changes affect existing projects?



if you have an ODS which is built already with some data in it, what happens if you:

1. change the technical name of the ODS.

2. If you rename the technical names of some of the characteristics and key figures which make up the key and data fields of the ODS.

3. If the characteristics and key figures are in the "Unassigned" infoarea, and you move them to a newly created InfoArea (ZZInf_New)? Will ODS function ok?

4.If you have characteristic(char_AA) and key figure(KeyFig_AA) in InfoArea ZZInfo_AAA for a Project_AAA and

you want char_AA and KeyFig_AA also in a newly created infoarea ZZInfo_New for a Project_New.

How should it be handled without messing up the original project?