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Jul 02, 2007 at 07:58 PM

Vendor bank information maintenence



I have one complex situation,

we have one vendor 201111 and it is shared by three company codes one in US 1100 and two cocodes in Europe, 2100 (france) and 2200 (italy).

AS all of them pays the vendor by ACH and they to directly to the vendors bank account and vendor wants to be paid in three different account. in US he wants in US bank and France he wants in France' bank account and Italy, he wants in Italy bank account.

so i need to maintain bank information for all the account, but as i have seen that bank information is maintained in General data but not under company code specific.

so how can i solve this issue?

as i will be posting invoices in all the three of the cocodes for that vendor.

so how can i configure the system so it will pay in US Bank account for all the US invoices and will pay in France account for all of the france invocies, same way for Italy.

so can you please give some inputs