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Proxy to HTTP_AAE / SOAP?

Jul 17, 2017 at 04:13 PM


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Hi Guys,

My requirement is Sender is Proxy and for the receiver I have "HTTPS" url (eg. so I tried using HTTP_AAE adapter as receiver. I have used normal structure for sender data type and for target I have a string (1 field) datatype. For target I am passing the entire XML and values into this string field using a custom UDT. I am using SAP PO 7.4 single stack.

I am getting this error when executing. "MP: exception caught with cause ERROR_SENDING_HTTP_REQUEST-Message Processing Failed. Reason :"

But ping channel for the receiver communication channel is working fine. Also the certificates are also verified.

Attached is the HTTP_AAE receiver communication channel screen shot.

Can I achieve it using HTTP_AAE adapter or SOAP adapter?

Thanks in Advance,


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Vadim Klimov Jul 17, 2017 at 04:20 PM


Parameter 'Target Host' in HTTP_AAE receiver channel configuration shall not contain protocol scheme (http or https), it shall only contain IP address / DNS name / alias of the called remote server.



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Thanks Vadim. Now I am not getting that error.

But I am getting different error in mapping, so I got another question - Do I need to use only the HTTP_AAE adapter or can I use any other adapter? If yes please advice me for the same.


There is variety of HTTP based adapters in PI/PO systems - HTTP / HTTP_AAE, WS / WS_AAE, SOAP, REST, OData being some of them that are commonly used. The choice of the adapter is mainly driven by type of service on the receiver side that you need to consume - namely, which web service standards and data formats it is built on and supports. Hence, it is hardly possible to suggest any specific adapter without knowledge about details of the called web service.



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Here is the complete picture of my requirement. I only have a "https" url and which is working fine in ECC system, they are using the REST classes and building the xml and sending it across to receive the token as output. Now they dont want to use the existing process instead they want to go through PO. They didn't mention about the adapter this is the problem. So I want to send the data in their xml format and should receive the output. The current process is very simple they use the URL and creating the below xml with data and sending it across.

Request Structure:-

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
























So which adapter would be a right choice?


It is very unlikely somebody from ERP or receiver system will suggest which adapter you need to use - this is purely PI architect or developer's decision.

Given information you provided, you still have multiple adapters to choose from since quite a lot of built-in adapters support XML data format - for example, SOAP adapter does so since SOAP message is entirely based on XML (when you need to consume SOAP service), REST adapter supports XML (although in many use cases for REST adapter predominant data format is JSON), as well a XML can be passed in HTTP body of the message when using HTTP_AAE adapter.

I would suggest you getting in touch with somebody from receiver system side / service provider, and query them about what type of service they expose. Or alternatively, get in touch with your ERP team to gather more details about how they consume the remote service - this will also bring you extra useful details that can be used when making decision on adapter type selection in PI.



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Former Member Aug 16, 2017 at 03:47 PM

I have used HTTP_AAE adapter, Message Transformation Bean and Java Mapping to resolve the issue.

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