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Former Member
Jul 02, 2007 at 05:58 PM

Variant Configuration / Pricing


I am looking for a way to get around using the quote/order quantity as the costing lot size in variant configurator.

Many stock materials have a standard costing lot size. Such as Material X is 480 SY.

I want to cost Material X using it’s standard costing lot size instead of the order quantity on the quote.

I am interested to find out if an object dependency can be written to incorporate that standard or if a costing variant can be created to work with this need. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to use a different costing variant for each standard costing lot size we would want to use. Either way I am looking for any type of solution around using the order/quote quantity as costing lot size.

Also we have materials that do not have a standard costing lot size set, but use the minimum order quantity from the manufacturer. That min would be the costing lot size. This is for some DMD’s and such and we can find out what those minimums are beforehand. There would be materials that we would have to source and then find mins, but that is a different problem altogether.