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Jul 02, 2007 at 03:35 PM

Org determination from Sales area



Here's the scenario..we have downloaded all Org structure from R/3. I need the sales org, sales office & group to be determined from the sales area maintained in the BP master data. Currently all BP's have only one Sales Area assigned.

The structure looks like this ..

XY10 - Sales Org Unit

XA01 - Sales Office

XG01 - Sales Group

XG02 - Sales Group

I have checked all of them as Object Permitted in determination. (well if I don't ..then they are not available for selection while maintaining sales area data for BP). I am using the standard Rule '10000144' (Sales area Inc Master Data'). the problem is automatic Determination is failing because its proposing all the Sales offices & sales group as well for Sales Org.

How do I make it to select the one Sales Org only? the same determination should also work when I create and replicate a Sales order from R/3.

Another issue. When I did a consistency check(For Obj permitted in determination) for the Sales office(XA01), I get a error "Attribute IS_SA_ORG can only be assigned once within the assignment hierarchy".

Any suggestions on how to overcome the above issues?

(Note: I am already aware of the buffer update report 'HRBCI_ATTRIBUTES_BUFFER_UPDATE' and I run it every time I make any change.)