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Jul 02, 2007 at 02:45 PM

Delta in generic extractor.


Hi Everyone,

I have created one of the generic extractor on a table and the other one on a view. While selecting the GENERIC DELTA, I let the numeric pointer selection checked.

Now, my question is will it allow me to do delta load in my cube using this extractor?

2nd question is how?

3rd question is if not then what is the change that I need to make so that it allows me to load the delta load. How this changes need to be made can you please explain step by step. thanks in advance.

My issue arose after loading the data when I went to change the InfoPackage to load the delta part, I realised in my InfoPackage I do not have the choice to load delta. How do I settle this. Actually this is an inventory cube where the data is loaded at the end of each month and now when I wanted to test it for today's month I realised that I do not have the choice to load delta for inventory load.

Please explain. Thank you once again in advance.