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Jul 02, 2007 at 01:20 PM

some faqs can u solve dis answers asp



1) How do u handle table control in bdc?

2) What is diff b/w normal functional modules and BAPI's fm's?

3)what is fct-code of at- line- selection?

4)why do u use subroutine pool in scripts?

5)name few performance techniques?

6)in how many ways u can design interactive reprt?

7)what is the need of table maintainance option at the begin of table creation?

8)what is the system landscape?

9)what is the use of submit command in exe program?

10)how do u create secondary index?

11) what is the diff b/w sap memory and abap memory?

what is the max size of date records?

2)what is the max size of IDOC?

3)what is the relationship b/w ALE and EDI?

4)when u have data transfer, why do u chose IDOC's?

5)i have 200 records how u decide how many records should execute per IDOc?

6)ALE customizing method?

7)how do u define logical systems and assign logical systems to clients?

8)what is change pointer technique?&what is need of change pointer technique?


1) name the events in order in case of classical report?

2)if i put write statemnt in at slection-screen,does it works?

3)can u call multilple selctio screen in one report?

4)what is diff b/w integration & at slection-screen ouput?

5) i have a requirement like i have 3 radio butons in one group,

if i select one radio button then remaining radio buttons are invisible what is the code for this?

6) how do u decide which method is suite for paricular requirement if not specified in bdc?

i.e session or call transction?

7)what is BAPI?

8)how BAPI differ from ALE?

9) steps of configuring of EDI?

10) is layout set is client dependent or not?

11)how to transfer layout sets to test client side?

12)what is the protect......end protect?

13) for what purposeu create multiple wqidows in one page?

14)what are diff areas wher ucan ouput text in main window?

15)what method u use to output text in (top........endtop) or write_form?

16)what is the reason for use of write_form rather than top------endtop?


1)i need a logo on the right hand side of corner . how do u handle that?

2)what is the standard table for storing standard symbols?

3)how do u represent page no in scripts & total page nos?

4)what is the transaction code for dump analysis?

5)when top-of-page vent triggred?

6)can i plce write stament in any event?does it works?

7)what is the use of end-of-selection event?

8)what is stop& exit?

9)what happens if i plce write statement in end-of-selction?

10)what is sy-ttill?

11)does the value of sy-subrc chnge after if and write stament?

12)what is bdc & types of bdc?

13)when do u choose session , call transaction methods?

14)how may types of symbols? what are they?

15)what is the diff b/w constant & variable symbols?

16)what are the parameters in open_form & start_form?

17)does text orientation(190degrees ,145 degrees) is possible in sap scripts?

18)how do u delete text from a layoutset window?

19)what are u need to take care while transporting the request? for exeampl u developed a exit ,whta care do u take?

20) what wil u do for preparing technical specs form functional specs?

21) what is addres....endaddress in sap scripts?

22)which method do u prefer synchronous or asynchronous?

23)what is output type?

24)what does slection-screen of RBDMIDOC contains?

25)what parameters u specifyng in RFc destination?

26)what customiging y do to transfer the data from one logical systme to another logical system?

27)can u explain brifely how idoc's genrated?

28)if i just extend the idoc, what are the things u need to do?can i extend the same ouboud program?

29)can u just explain what partner profile contains?

30)what are process codes?

31)if i just develop a gui status using it confined to single program or can be used for any other programs?

32)what is client?

33)what is diff b/w se01,se09,se10,stms transction codes?

34)what is the diff b/w select single * from kna1 and select * from kna1 for all entries?

35)in subroutines paramaters are changing & using .what is the diff b/w them?


1) what is the diff b/w scripts & smart forms?

2)what are the function module used in smart forms?

3)what are the function module? what is the use of them?

4)what is the index? what is the secodary index ? whta is uses of them?

5)what is the table technical characteristics?

6)waht is buffering? types?

7)what is the use of interactive reprt?

8)what is the use of alv?

9)what are problems u have faced when u r doing projecs?

10)what is the diff b/w template & tables?

11)which function module used for transferring from one version to anthoer version?

12) what determines the sequence in events blocks are processed?

13)in what case are otional parameters allowed in the passig of parameters?

a) functions b) forms

14)what relationship can be esatblished in watch points?

15)what are requiremets of reading hashed internal table?

16)what does a context object provides?

17)what access methods are avaliable for accessing internal table?

18)what operations are allowed when processing data of records in internal table?

19)what tasks could be performed in SAPNET?

20)what is search help?

21)what is the lock object?

22)what is diff b/w domain and data elemnt?

23)what is diff b/w check table and value table?

24)what are the control break statements?

25)how to display SUM?

26)what is the diff b/w select single & select upto one row?

27)collect what it did?

28)how to findout data in internal table?

29)syntax for describe statement?

30)hwo to findout if internal table is empty or not?

31)hwo to transfer data from one internal table to another internal table?

32)how to modify internal table?

33)Read statement syntax?

34)what is the default event?

35)i have write only top-of-page event in that write: / 'welcome' what will happen?

36)what is message-d?

37)what is the diff b/w with events & without events?

38)what is the purpose of Direct input method?

39)what is local object?

40)is it possible to back ground process in call transaction? how?

41)what are diff types of errors?

42)what are the diff types function modules used in layout set?

43)what is the diff b/w open_form & start_form?

44) how to define logo?

45)after modification how to send modified form to modified print program?

46)what are the symbols in sap scripts? functionality of them?

47)how to write a Report in another Report?

48)syntx fr submitt &what it did?

49)what is the land scape of ABAP?

50)what is index? types?

51)hwo many secondary indexe are possible to create?

52)what is diff b/w select single * from & select upto one row?

53)in my 100 records 55th record is need some changes and that record how to send body to header line?

54) what is the use of indexs?

55)what is the diff b/w page area & roll area?

56)diff b/w interface & conversion?

57)how we configured ports andpartner-profiles?

58)what si the Enhancement and what u had did with user-exist?

59)who can extend Idoc?

60)how many types of select staments?

61)what is header line?

62)what is diff b/w internal table work area & table work area?

63)if we don't have header line what will happen?

64)when the user-exist will triggered? for which purpose u have used and where u have written?

65) how we linked the tables?

66)in at selection-screen and at user-command event which one is triggred?

67)what is the use of at pf-status? where did u use it?

68)is it possible to run Host command inSAP environment? how do u run it?

69)what are user-exists? what is involved in writting them? what precautions are needed?

70)what is the version management?

71)if u send the objects from dev server to production server,but get some bugs so those bugs how to handle?

72)if u upload the data after that. i din't put committ,then what happen?

73)how to maintain dataintegrity?

74) how to validate fields?

1)how u connect the unix platform from SAP server?

2)what is database object ? Runtime object?

3)How to populate BDC table control?

4)How to implemnt intreactive list in alv?tell me fumnction module for that?

5)How to transfer from data list to transactions?

6)How can u add anew field to Script?

7)what are problems in processing batch input session?

8)diff b/w select-options & ranges?

9)what is meant by satck list?

10)if u don't have header line for internal table what will happen?

11)what is the max no of calling modes stacked at one time is?

12)what is collect command ? how it is works?

13)if u want come back from 15th list to basic list waht will u do?

14)what is the default mode of transfers data to and from application server?

15)what is the purpose of EXTRACT parameter?

16) how will u delete duplicate records from internal table?

17)in for all entries clause of select statement ,if internal table is empty what will happen?

18) How can u find the no of records in a table?

19)Billing and invoice details are where stored?

20)what is the typical structure of ABAp program?

21)what is diff b/w ABAP program &user defiend program?

22)can a transperent table exists in a data dictionary and not in the physical database?y/n

23)diff b/w Collect & Append?

24)logical unit of work means?

25) How many types of lock objects exists? what are they?

26)what will u don inSPRO?

27)how many tyeps buffers?

28) what wil do by Maintainance generator?

29) what is o/p type? what is done by this?

30)program for BAPI?

31)what is ALE implementation progarm?

32) say the function code to catch function code F2?

33) what is IDOC& how u can extend the IDOC?

34)what is the advantage of LSMW?

35)how many types of symbols u have on scripts & in which order they can executes?

36)what is purpose of data conversion into SAP format from Legacy?

37) what si the t-code for watch the flat file in application serever?

38) what is purpose of driver program?

39)what is contents of Functional Spec?

40)what is contents of Technical Spec?

41)How do u diasble a control in a selection-screen logic?

42)what is source structure?

43)what is target structure?

44)if u don't have the access to modify the print program then how do u insert the text elemnts?

45)how can u call report in another program?

46)specify the events for classic & intractive reports in order?

47)say some usally used system fields in our programs?

48)how can u create check box in alv?

49)diff b/w select-options & parameters?

50)how can u create labels in scripts?

51)how u display the data in scripts?

52)What is the diff b/w At selection-screen output & initialization?

53)how u trap the errors in call transations?

54)diff b/w scripts & smart forms?

55)types of internal tables & explain them?

56)how many types of loops?

57)Diff b/w Synchronous & Asynchronous RFC

58)How u place data in table cotrol?

59)what are the methods execute in LSMW?

60)diff b/w sy-index & sy-tabix?

61) in call transaction bckground process which mode u prefer?

62)what is configuration of ALE?

63) what are all read operations in itab?

64)diff b/w search help & pov, which one trigger first?

65)where u can u do the validations in report?

66)what are the events in Module program?

67)diff b/w call transactions & session method and wher trap erros in both methods? how?

68)diff b/w scripts & reports?

69)how u define text elemnts inscripts?

70)what are the function modules inscripts?

71)how u diplay the data in scripts?

72)how do u do the perfomance testing?

1)when it wll triggerd initialization event? Before how many events will triggerd?what are they?

2)how many types of meaasges ?

3)what is use of Dump analysis?

4)what is the use for all entries?

5)what Is the diff b/w check & continue?

6)whenever use EXIt statement whappend in loop … endloop and within subroutines, within start-of-selection ,with in end-of-selectio and in initialization?

7)what is the diff b/w value table and check table?

8)in data element level I used search help and in domain level I used value table which will be shows our criteria?

9)without doing any changes in printprogarm I want to add some fields how can?

10)how many mainwindows in one page? What is the use of remaing main windows?

11)what is sy-index & sy-tabix?

12)what are the qualities u have to maintain to ur developments?

13)Smart forms are client independent how u justify that?

14)in keyindexex what is the relationship 1:n?

15)in dynpro how can insert radio butto?

16)How can u use search help?

17)in MEDRUCk(ME21) I have changes some fields so immediate those changes send to Vendor through e-mail or fax? What is procedure?

18) I worked in foreground one session successfully so tommarow I have to work same session in back ground then what happen?

19)in bdc table control wher u have to face problem?

20)In alv grid control at the top I want header/ how can u display?

21)how can u print long text in scripts?

22)how to display Text every 4 lines after?

1)how can u create u r own types in an ABAP report?

2)which system variable is encounted in loop counter?

3) which system variable is store the record counter?

4)does a select statement carry out any authorization chek?

5)what is function of environment variable sy-lisel in interactive reports?

6)how can we identify which button is pressed?

7)diff b/w se09 ,Se10?

8)table in which entry for development class is made?

9)which client is authorized to create the workbench oragnizer configuration?

10)can we provide more than one PBO PAI for one screen?

11)which view can even possess one table?

12)What are field symbols?

13)which is ued to release to lock?

14)what are the various types of customer –exists?

15)what is port?

16)what are the selection-text?

17)can we use perform in SAP scripts?

18)what is the t.code for table maintainance?

1)write validation logic for parameters option? Wher do u write ?(in at selection-screen or start-of-selection)?

2)what is the diff b/w ‘ ‘IN’ jn where condition and without ‘IN’ condition in where condition?

3)how can u display 21st secondary list ?explain procedure?(code?)

4)what is the diff b/w sorted and hashed tables?

5)can write statement in initialization triggers first or write statemnt in start-of-selection?

6)what can ud o if have no authorization to recording in BDC?(without F1 and Technical help)?

7)what is the diff b/w SAPLUW and DBLUW?

8)expalin VPN process?

9)what is the text in reports and scripts?

10)how can u release ur objects to end user?

11)write genereal statement to display dat-range?

12)explain pricing procedure in sap?

13)how can u display barcodes in sap scripts?

14)explain flow of S.D?

15)what are the performance techniques expect Modularization techniques I want remaning?

1)what is the purpose of initialization?

2)what are control break statements?

3)what is the diff b/w ‘at new and ‘on change’?

4)what is the use of end-of-selection?

5)in Runtime analysis what ar the main area will be displaying for tunnning?

6)what are the ways to improve the performance the report?

7)What is the diff b/w maintainance view and databe view?

8)what are the type of search help?

9)what is the diff b/w include structure and append structure?

10)how can we generate new item in BDC program or the transaction ME21?

11) in calltransaction while transferring the data what happens idf the power goes off?

12) what are the standard programs for transfer the data for material master and vendor master?

13)whare we can assign the page size?

14)how can we call a subroutine in scripts?

15)how many max pages we have to design for script ?

16) what is use of protected and end protected?

17)what are the types of functional modules?

18)how many types of screen filed validations? What ate they?

19)how to convert the scripts to smartforms?

20)what is the history of purchase order? Wher is it store?

21)can we debug smartforms ?

22)what is the material history and where is it store?

23)what are the functional modules ued in ALV?

24)what is the fieldcatalog merge use?

25)how u print the heading in ALV ?

26)what is the t.code for BDC?

27)what is the purpose of application server?

28)what are the text elements ? what is the use of text elements ?

29)how u create vertical line and horizanatal line in reports?

30)what is the purpose header line?

31)what is the purpose of occur clause?what default area it occupies?

32)what are text elements?

33)how many secondary indexes we can create for a table?

34)What is the ue of st05?

35)what is the foriegn key table?and check table?

36)what are some essential steps for loggig changes made to SAP data?