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Jul 02, 2007 at 09:47 AM

Stock transport order with BAPI_PO_CREATE1



can anybody give me an advice how to use the function BAPI_PO_CREATE1

to create stock transport orders?

I´m getting some errors when I run it. Here is my test data I have used:

poheader-comp_code: NO10

poheader-doc_type: UB

poheader-langu: EN

poheader-purch_org: NO10

poheader-pur_group: 999

poheader-suppl_plnt: 2041

in poheaderx I have set a flag for the filled fields.

poitem-po_item: 00010

poitem-short_text: test

poitem-material: 100230

poitem-plant: 2001

poitem-quantity: 1

poitem-po_unit: CYL

poitem-conv_num1: 1

poitem-conv_den1: 1

poitem-prnt_price: X

poitem-unlimited_dlv: X

poitem-item_cat: U

poitem-acctasscat: K

poitem-gr_ind: X

poitem-ir_ind: X

poitem-gr_basediv: X

poitem-preq_name: TEST

I´m getting the following errors in the return table:

ID Num: 000 PO could not be creating using Enjoy-BAPI

E ID MEPO Num: 002 PO header still faulty

E ID 06 Num: 098 Please enter supplying plant

E ID ME Num: 018 Item category U can only be used with material

W ID ME Num: 040 Can delivery date be met?

E ID ME Num: 083 Please enter G/L account no.

Any ideas how I can create one successfully?