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Jul 02, 2007 at 08:57 AM

LookupException with PI 7.0 in HA Environment



In one of our XSLT mappings we use a RFC LookupService to call an ABAP FM via an RFC Communication Channel. In our QA environment this works fine but it does not in our production environment where a <b>LookupException</b> is thrown.

In the Java API documentation for the

class I found the following "Note that you can only use channels which are <b>located on the Integration Server (central adapters). Decentral adapters,adpapters which are not located on the Integration Server cannot be used.</b> "

This makes me suspicious about the SLD registration of the AE...

A difference between our prod environment and test environment is that the prod env. is a HA environment with a ASCS instance and two dialog instances.

In the Integration Directory I have noticed in the prod environment that for the Communication Channels the drop down for Adapter Engine contains the value "af.pxi.sapxidb" versus "Integration Server" as in the test environment.

I have checked the SLD entries and associations according to note 764176 but I can't find anything obviously wrong.

In the RWB the AE is shown as a central AE under the Integration Server node in the Component Monitoring.

I'm most curious why the central AE shows as af.pxi.sapxidb in the integration directory, but any input is appreciated?

rgds Johan