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Jul 02, 2007 at 08:57 AM

regarding report program


In my alv grid display/edit program, i introduced checklist through field catalog edit mode check box. now my requirement is, <b><u>the user selects more than one checkbox and presses a command button give in output screen</u> then <u>the fields that checked should get verified and collected back to internal table and copied back to a file in application server</u>. once the data is called into the internal table i can use <u>gui_download</u> to copy it in app. server.</b>

but my question is <i><u><b>how to collect all the checked fields from the output screen of alv grid display/edit into internal table</b></u></i>.pls suggest me as this is a argent requirement. if possible pls pass sample code also.

with regards

hareesh tadepalli