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Jul 02, 2007 at 05:26 AM

Very urgent -Please give soultion within 2 hours



I have one controller class.class name is this controller class all the values are stored in R_ASSET_DATA attribute. R_ASSET_DATA's associated type is one model class.[model class name /DS1/CL_MDM_MODEL_ASST_CRE.].

When i debugging ,inside the R_ASSET_DATA values are there whatever i entered the values from portal.

I have another controller class..

My requirement is :


The first controller class is derived from first controller class[The link also given correctly]

I want all the values to diaply in second controller class whatever stored in the R_ASSET_DATA(frm first controller class).--->This is my requirement..

When i debug, if i see R_ASSET_DATA->all the values are stored in first controller class. but not in the second controller class.

CAN YOU PLEASE GUIDE ME IMMEDIATELY. TO DO THIS. Do i need to create any object ?can you please tell me what is the way to do this with coding....