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Jul 02, 2007 at 02:27 AM

Tax Processing


Hi All,

I would like to inform to all that when I use the T.code: FB70 - Customer Invoice,

for e.g.,The amount is 1400.00 and I want to calculate the tax for this amount (5% Output Tax).

The scenario is:

I have selected the calculate tax option in the Docu. Header and also for line item I have selected the relevant tax code (5% Output Tax).

But when I simulate the document, it shows different amount, that is

40 Customer a/c 1400.00

50 Recoverable a/c 1333.33

50 Output Tax a/c 66.67

But this is wrong.

I want to calulate tax for 1400.00 and the tax amount is : 70.00

for this setting, what I have to do?

But if I select tax code only for line item without selecting calculate tax options in the docu.header, it shows a warning message:

"Tax entered incorrect (code O5, amount 0.00), correct 70.00 SGD "

where I have to select the tax code exactly for calculating the amount 70.00 and how much amount should I entered in the doc.header and line item, either 1400 or 1470?

I request you to all, please kindly advise me.

Thanks with regards,