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Jul 02, 2007 at 01:46 AM

Creating External Library


My environment is NW 04s SP 12.

I have some Java Utility Classes which were developed in a Java DC Project. These classes have imports and dependencies with the BI_SDK which is of course another library.

First of all, if I create an external library and place in its library folder only jars with the generated Utility classes I won't have the BI_SDK classes available. If I place all the dependent jars for BI_SDK also in the lib path this kind of defeats the purpose of using DCs. What I am trying to do is convert a Java DC Project into an external library project. The Java DC Project has itself references to BI_SDK components. How do I convert this into a jar that should go on the external lib library folder. Also I have seen in the blogs the external lib is not really deployable, but should be a J2EE library. What is the best approach for SP 12?