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Jul 17, 2017 at 07:07 AM

Conflicting refence table for configurations.

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Hi techies,

Our Global implementation landscape is of a MDG Hub and 4 regional ECC systems. We need to load the configuration data as well as material master data from all 4 ECC systems into MDG Hub.

And on analyzing deeper into the configurations data, we found conflicting scenarios. Below are few of them.

Example 1: Storage Condition in REG1 ECC and REG2 ECC are as below.

Note the discrepancy here. Storage Condition 01 in both the ECC systems denote different descriptions. If we load the configuration from one ECC system and then from another ECC system, the last loaded configuration will overwrite all previously loaded configuration where the key are same.

Example 2: Tax Category code values are different for the same country.

here are numerous such scenarios, and above 2 are just examples. There are approx. 200+ configuration tables for material master and let’s assume we get approx. 100 such configuration tables with similar concern.

In MDG there would be different processes/CR types for different regions. So, these conflicting values and different texts for same key value in different ECC systems are concern.

Such a scenario is a very common one in all master data maintenance/governance landscape. Request everyone to provide feasible solutions/approach to address this concern.

J Sen.