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Jul 01, 2007 at 07:22 PM

Trouble moving data from ODS to Cube after a 7.0 upgrade


Folks, we're experiencing a small challenge in my organization. We're upgrading from BW 3.1 to BI 7.0. SAP hosting has told us that the technical upgrade is complete and so our functional team has started work.

We load the invoice item extract, 2LIS_13_VCITM, into an ODS and then promote it from there into a cube. However, when we run the process chain now it fails with the error message <b>"Cannot generate data package for the request in its current state"</b>

To fix this I created a transformation between the ODS and cube and a DTP to facilitate the load. This time we received a different error, <b>"0TARGET_QTY is not compounded"</b>.

Just for the heck of it I removed the mapping of 0TARGET_QTY to see if I could get the load to work at all. Again it bombed and gave me the 0TARGET_QTY error message (which I found bizarre as that object isn't even mapped).

So I'm looking for some advice here about what I'm doing wrong. Any advice?